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Gloucestershire Honey - 15.5oz Bear

Gloucestershire Honey - 15.5oz Bear

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Welcome to Bountiful Bees, where nature's sweetest gift awaits you. Our squeezable bear container holds 8oz of raw wildflower honey is a testament to the remarkable work of our bees, foraging amidst the blossoming wildflowers of Gloucestershire - with apiaries located in Abbeydale, and Sandhurst. With the convenience of selecting your preferred apiary, you can savour the flavours of the nearest area while supporting local beekeepers.

Introducing our largest honey container yet, the 15.5oz jar, designed for those who crave the pure goodness of raw wildflower honey and want to indulge in a generous supply at the most affordable value. This sizable jar ensures you have an ample amount of our exquisite honey to savor, making it perfect for honey enthusiasts and those who appreciate a great deal.

Indulge in the purest form of honey with our raw wildflower variety. Our honey remains unprocessed, preserving its natural enzymes, antioxidants, and nutritional richness. While scientific research on the subject is ongoing, some individuals have found that locally sourced honey may provide potential relief for hay fever symptoms. By supporting Bountiful Bees, you not only enjoy the unique flavours of your region but also contribute to the well-being of our vital bee populations.

Please note that crystallisation is a natural process that may occur in raw honey. This is a testament to its purity and does not affect its quality. To restore its runny consistency, simply place the jar in a warm water bath until the crystals dissolve. Additionally, we advise that our honey is not suitable for children under 1 year.

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